Strictly Come Dancing Mike Bushell has early teething problem with partner Katya Jones

BBC NEWS presenter Sally Nugent recently spoke to her BBC Breakfast co-star Mike Bushell and his Strictly Come Dancing 2019 partner Katya Jones in a live interview yesterday morning, and it seems the pair have an unexpected secret which may hold them back in the show.

host Sally Nugent spoke to Mike Bushell and Katya Jones on the show as the programme joined the pair in a live interview during their first ever training session.

After viewers saw the couple partnered up in the first episode of last Saturday, the host pointed out a fact about the couple that viewers may not have noticed.

Speaking about a conversation she had about her co-host at the Weekend, Sally revealed Mike is actually shorter than his dance partner when she wears heels.

Live from the BBC studio, Sally began: “I’ll let people know that we were chatting at the weekend about how it’s gonna go.

“One of the things we talked about is the fact that once Katya has her heels on, she’s a little bit taller than you. What are you gonna do?”

Seemingly surprised by the statement, Mike glanced back at his partner responding simply with “Oh yes?”

However, his professional dance partner seemed a little wiser to the potential problem, quickly suggesting solutions.

“At the moment I haven’t got heels, I’m gonna have to squat down a lot you see and lean back.” speculated the pro, as she quickly grabbed Mike and moved into a dance position where the pair leaned in opposite directions.

“That’s okay you can’t tell,” she added, happy with the pose.

“Can I get on my tip toes,” joked Mike.

BBC News: Sally Nugent, Mike Bushell and Katya Jones

BBC News: Sally Nugent revealed Mike Bushell is shorter than Katya when she wears heels (Image: BBC)

BBC News: Sally Nugent

BBC News: Sally Nugent quizzed the couple on how the couple will overcome the height difference (Image: BBC)

Sally added: “Do you think you should be campaigning for a pair of heels of your own?”

“Cuban heels yes. Go for the cuban heels,” agreed Mike.

Assuring viewers that height won’t be an issue for the couple Katya said: “Cuban heels for Mike, Smaller heels for me and I’ll just bend backwards it’s fine”.

Changing the subject, Mike revealed what fans can expect from the couple’s first dance.

“There’ll be a lot of lifting won’t there? Throwing each other around?

BBC News: Mike and Katya

BBC News: The dance partners practiced a new pose (Image: BBC)

“…I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun, there’s gonna be a lot of energy, we know that” added the BBC star, pointing at his dance partner.

Despite the Strictly couple’s hard work in the studio, bookmakers believe it is unlikely Mike will hold the Glitterball Trophy as his odds suggest he could be one of the first to go.

He is currently tipped as a 4/1 chance of exiting first with James Cracknell on the same, followed closely by Will Bayley on 5/1.

At the other end of the table, it looks like Saffron Barker, Karim Zerouai, Emma Barton, Alex Scott and Catherine Tyldesley will be in it for the long run.

BBC Breakfast continues this morning at 6am on BBC One, while Strictly Come Dancing 2019 returns to the same channel on September 21.