BBC News: Steph McGovern forced to apologise to guests over 'rude' remark

BBC BREAKFAST presenter Steph McGovern was left a little red-faced this morning as she came face-to-face with a couple of guests she’d made a “rude” remark about, leading her to issue an apology.

Steph, 37, joined hosts Dan Walker, 42, and Louise Minchin, 50, on the sofa this morning as the business reporter.

During one segment however, Steph steered away from the business sector as she joined by two guests who she’d made a comment about yesterday’s show.

Katrina and her daughter Bridget were featured in newspapers yesterday for their initiative of having 12 recycling bins outside their home so their neighbours could recycle effectively.

However, Steph commented on the morning show yesterday the bins must smell and put her assumptions to the test today as the pair from Nuneaton brought two on the bins along.

I made a possibly unfair comment

Steph McGovern

Steph told viewers: “I made a possibly unfair comment and I was like ‘Argh, they must stink', in reference to the bins.

“The Barker family rightly sent me a tweet telling me how wrong I was.

“They invited me down to have a look at their bins, have a sniff of their bins, but instead, I’ve brought them here with their bins so I can find out for myself.”

Joined by Katrina and Bridget, Steph said: “Thank you very much for coming all this way with your bins,” before having the sniff of the bins.

With one full of crisp packets and anther with empty coffee jars, Steph was shocked to discover the smell wasn’t too bad.

Katrina hit back at the presenter, telling Steph: “It’s not a horrible smell, it’s not stink.”


BBC News Steph McGovern Louise Minchin

BBC News: Steph McGovern forced to apologise to guests over 'rude' remark (Image: BBC)

BBC News Steph McGovern tweet

BBC News: Steph McGovern received a tweet from the family who owned 12 recycling bins (Image: BBC)

The guest continued: “I don’t know what you put in your bins but ours don’t stink."

Steph commented: “This is not all about the smell is it, that was just me being a bit rude. Apologies.”

After issuing her apology to the pair, the reporter then went on to discuss the recycling initiative with the mother and daughter.

On yesterday’s show, S

Focussing on the business side of things, Steph said although shops were disappearing from the high street, people were still going out for entertainment purposes.

BBC News Steph McGovern guests

BBC News: Steph McGovern apologised to the guests for saying their bins smelt (Image: BBC)

Louise said to her co-stars: “I still like going to the town or city centre, we’ll keep going.”

“We all need a hair cut don’t we, everyone needs a hair cut,” Dan remarked.

Stunned by Dan’s comments, Steph responded: “Yep… that’s a segue way.

“Everyone needs a haircut. Was that a poignant comment or…?” Steph quipped, to which Dan apologised.

“Sorry, I forgot I was on the tele,” Dan remarked, to which Steph asked: “Is that where you go to get yours?” with her co-host agreeing.

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