Keeping Faith theme tune: What is the theme tune to Keeping Faith?

KEEPING FAITH’s theme tune has become an earworm for many of the fans of the BBC series. But what is the theme tune to Keeping Faith and what else is part of the soundtrack and music from the show?

Keeping Faith has become a favourite for many viewers, who have found its memorable theme tune playing round their heads after watching the BBC series. The BBC series has a different soundtrack for its English and Welsh versions. The theme tunes for Keeping Faith and Un Bore Mercher are also by different artists.

What is the theme tune to Keeping Faith?

The English-language version of Keeping Faith has Faith’s Song by Amy Wadge as its theme tune.

The Welsh Keeping Faith (titled Un Bore Mercher) has a Welsh-language version of the song titled Cân Faith by Ela Hughes.

The lyrics for the theme tune of Keeping Faith read: “I gave my heart whole I did.

“I gave my heart/And although it’s lost/It is still beating.

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theme tune to keeping faith

Amy Wadge wrote the theme tune to Keeping Faith (Image: GETTY)

un bore mercher theme tune

Ela Hughes performs the theme tune to Un Bore Mercher (Image: COLD COFFEE MUSIC)

“And I gave my whole soul I did/I gave my soul/And although I’m broken/I am still breathing.”

In Faith’s Song, however, this is actually the chorus of a longer song.

The song was composed by Laurence Love Greed, who has also worked on TV shows like Taboo, Sherlock and The Crown as well as The Hobbit films.

The composer also wrote all of the instrumental music we hear in the series, which has been released on two soundtrack albums.

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keeping faith soundtrack

Laurence Love Greed wrote the soundtrack for Keeping Faith (Image: LAURENCE LOVE GREED)

He and Wadge also won a Welsh BAFTA for his work on Keeping Faith.

Wadge has released her Keeping Faith music on two EPs.

As well as featuring Faith’s Song, these EPs include theme tunes for Evan Howells (played by Bradley Freegard) and Steve Baldini (Mark Lewis Jones).

We hear Steve’s Song in Keeping Faith season two episode one, when Faith is sat in court and goes to a boxing gym.

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keeping faith music

The Keeping Faith music includes theme tunes for Faith and Steve (Image: BBC)

All of these songs also have Welsh-language versions, performed by Hughes.

For season one, Wadge wrote six songs: Faith’s Song (Cân Faith in the Welsh version), We Fall Down (Cwympo Ni’n Dau Lawr), Here I Go Again (Dyma Fi’n Mynd ‘To), Pain (Poen), Evan’s Song (Cân Faith) and Let the Light Back In (Gâd Y Golau Mewn).

The Welsh versions of the season two songs have not been released yet, but the English songs are called How Long, Steve’s Song, Not Enough, Nothing Left and No Prayer. will update this article if and when Hughes released the Welsh version of the Keeping Faith season two songs.

Keeping Faith season 2 airs on BBC One on Tuesdays at 9pm