Perseids 2019: Everything you need to know about the dazzling meteor shower tonight

THE annual Perseids meteor shower peaks tonight as up to 100 shooting stars are expected to light up the night sky every hour.

The Perseids are the yearly meteor shower produced by the orbital debris of Comet Swift-Tuttle. The shower is active from mid-July until the last week of August when individual meteors zip across the sky. But August 12 marks the shower’s main peak where hundreds of shooting stars light up the night.

The debris which creates the meteors is the largest object to make repeated passes near planet Earth.

The Comet Swift-Tuttle measures 16 miles across and is almost the same size as the comet which wiped out the dinosaurs.

But the Perseids, which travel at 133,200mph, are the size of sand grains.

According to predictions, the comet will fly by Earth in 3044 after it was last visible from the planet in 1992.

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Perseids 2019

Perseids 2019: The annual meteor shower peaks tonight (Image: GETTY)

Perseids 2019

Perseids 2019: The meteors are produced by the orbital debris of Comet Swift-Tuttle (Image: GETTY)

NASA will live stream the Perseid shooting star show from its Meteor Watch Facebook page, found

Sunday, 15th September 2019

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