GCSE results day: How did the royals do in their GCSE results?

STUDENTS across Britain will receive their GCSE results today. Here’s what grades royal family members, including Prince William and Prince Harry, got in their exams.

are an education milestone for British secondary school students and pupils across the UK got their results today. While senior royals will never need to find a job outside of family life they still had to take school exams. Here’s how the fared in their GCSEs.

Prince William

Prince William, 37, may be the future king but he had to take GCSEs just like the rest of us.

The heir to the throne attended private boys school Eaton and achieved 12 GCSEs.


GCSE results day

GCSE results day: How did the royals do in their GCSE results? (Image: GETTY)

William went on to study A-Levels in Geography, History of Art and Biology and got two A’s and a C.

He gained a place at St Andrews University where he met his future wife, Kate Middleton.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

While Kate, 37, would not have known it at the time, her GCSE results may have paved the way towards her to meeting Prince William at university.

She studied Art, Maths, and English at A-Level having achieved 11 GCSEs.

Kate attended a private boarding school Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

She studied Art History at St Andrews University where she met fellow student Prince William.

GCSE results day

GCSE results day: Kate went on to complete her A Levels and study at St Andrews University (Image: GETTY)

Prince Harry

Prince Harry skipped university to join the army instead but he still had to take his GCSEs.

The young Prince attended prestigious British boarding school Eaton like his brother and got 11 GCSEs.

He studied Art and Geography at A-Level and got a B and a D respectively.

GCSE results day

GCSE results day: Harry didn't get as many GCSEs as his big brother William (Image: GETTY)

GCSE results day

GCSE results day: Harry and Wills studied for the GCSEs at Eton College (Image: GETTY)

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle grew up in America and took different exams altogether.

While Meghan’s US education did not include GCSE’s the future Duchess was known to be a diligent student.

She excelled in drama and went on to study Theatre and International Relations at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois in 2003.

Princesses Beatrice

Princess Beatrice is Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s older daughter.

Beatrice, 31, got nine GCSEs including A*s in history and drama.

The young royal studied at the same school as future Duchess of Cambridge, Kate although they were not contemporaries.

GCSE results day

GCSE results day: Beatrice and Eugenie both studied at Marlborough College (Image: GETTY)

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie, 29, also studied at Marlborough College like her big sister Beatrice.

She got an impressive two A*s, four As and three Bs at GCSE.

GCSEs weren’t introduced into the British education system until 1988, so members of the Royal Family who attended school before that time did not take GCSEs.