Jo Swinson speech: What time is Jo Swinson's Lib Dem conference closing speech? Watch live

JO SWINSON will close the Lib Dem conference with her first leader speech since taking over leadership of the party in July. Here’s how to watch it live.

Jo Swinson speech

Jo Swinson speech: Jo Swinson will close the Lib Dem conference with her first leader speech (Image: Getty)

Jo Swinson will use her first leader’s speech to argue the “tired old parties” are losing their relevance, and claim the UK “needs” the at a time of “national crisis”. The East Dunbartonshire MP will declare herself a “candidate for prime minister” and state the Lib Dems could pick up 100 new seats in an election. The speech will be a rallying cry as the party forges its clearest direction on yet, announcing it would revoke Article 50 if it came into power.

What time is the speech?

Jo Swinson will take the stage in Bournemouth at 2.10pm on Tuesday, September 17.

How can you watch it live?

You can watch the live stream at the Lib Dem’s conference page HERE, or here on the Youtube stream:

What else can we expect?

The Lib Dems have enjoyed a surge in recent months, with their number of MPs jumping from 11 to 18 as disgruntled MPs defect from the main parties.

In her speech, Ms Swinson is expected to say: “Let's keep going. Let's keep growing.

“The tired old parties have failed. Looking inward at a time of national crisis. Our country needs us, at this precarious time.

Jo Swinson speech

Jo Swinson speech: On the stage in Bournemouth (Image: Getty)

“We do not have 10 or 15 years. We need to seize the opportunity now.”

She will say there is “no limit to my ambition for our party”.

She is expected to add: “Today I am standing here as your candidate for prime minister.”

On Brexit and the Government plans for a no deal scenario, she will say: “The truth is you can't plan for no-deal.

Jo Swinson speech

Jo Swinson speech: In the crowd at the conference (Image: Getty)

“Planning for no-deal is like planning to burn your house down.

You might have insurance, but you're still going to lose all your stuff.”

She will say: “There is even now the suggestion that [Boris Johnson] would break the law and refuse to ask for an extension to Article 50.

“Silencing critics. Purging opponents. Ignoring the law.

“For someone who proclaims to hate socialist dictators, he's doing a pretty good impression of one.”