Prince Harry news crying cries breaks down in tears speech Meghan Markle WellChild awards

Prince Harry breaks down into tears mid-speech as he recalls Meghan Markle pregnancy news

PRINCE HARRY broke down during an emotional speech on the challenges faced by parents, as he recalled the last time he...

EU fishing baltic coast ban cod herring english channel uk brexit boris johnson

EU fishermen PANIC! Baltic fishing banned as France & Holland battle UK for Channel access

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tempest fighter jet new scientist live britain uk military sweden spitfire

Tempest fighter jet: RAF’s new weapon the star attraction at ‘world’s greatest festival’

A SPECTACULAR life-size model of the Tempest fighter jet - which designers believe has the potential to be as iconic as legendary World War 2 plane the Spitfire - was one of the star attractions...

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interstellar light speed proxima centauri aliens space breakthrough starshot avi loeb

Interstellar boost: Mankind CAN reach the stars - but there's a catch

A PIONEERING project to build a solar-powered craft capable of travelling at one-fifth the speed of light could enable mankind to become a spacefaring species, astronomer Avi Loeb has predicted.

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Tropical Storm Nestor path udate NHC NOAA tracker Cape Verde Caribbean

Tropical Storm Nestor: Will swirling vortex reach the Caribbean?

THREE POTENTIAL STORMS are brewing in the Atlantic Ocean right now. But when the next storm forms to create tropical storm Nestor, will it reach the Caribbean which has already suffered an intense...


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SNP conference 2019 live Nicola Sturgeon Brexit Scotland independence vote today speech

Sturgeon unveils plot to USE Brexit to win independence vote - 'Magnet for investment!'

SNP LEADER Nicola Sturgeon claimed Scotland will have a “unique advantage” if it becomes an independent European country, during her speech at the SNP’s annual conference on Tuesday.


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